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tellico 0.13.3-1

collection manager for books, videos, music

Tellico is a collection manager for KDE. It includes default collections for books, bibliographies, comic books, videos, music, coins, stamps, trading cards, and wines, and also allows custom collections; with unlimited user-defined fields allowed. Automatically formatted names, sorting by any property, filters, automatic ISBN validation and full customization for printing or display through XSLT files are some of the features present. It can import CSV, RIS, BibTeX, and BibTeXML files; and export CSV, HTML, BibTeX, BibTeXML, and PilotDB. Tellico can also import data from Amazon, IMDb, CDDB, or any US-MARC compliant z39.50 server.

The files are stored in XML format, avoiding the need for database server. It also makes it easy for other softwares to use the Tellico data.


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